Web Scraping And Public Data Capture At Scale For Business Insights, Data Science And Machine Learning

Do You Want To Gain A Competitive Edge By Tapping Into The Vast Potential Of Public Available Data?

Our Data-as-a-Service Helps Your Company Transform Publicly Available Data Into Actionable Data. We Help You Make Sense Of Unstructured, Raw Data Into Information For Better Decision-Making And Business Intelligence.

For Over 15 Years We Have Been Building And Operating The World's Smartest Data Capture Robots And Spiders.

What We Do

Web Scraping Services, Data Collectors And Data Collection & Delivery APIs

We provide a full service to gather data from the web. We organize data into searchable and actionable data sets that you can use with ease, without needing software, hardware, scraping tools or scraping knowledge.

So you can focus on your core business, while having information to make better decisions.


We build customized APIs to collect and deliver information, so you can integrate it with your internal systems. 

We can pre-process data for your machine learning models.

Some Of Our Projects

Our SherlockIt Products

SherlockIt.net | Worldwide Corporate Data At Your Fingertips

A product that greatly demonstrates our capabilities of extensive public data capture at scale. We captured public data from worldwide company registers.  We have built data capture robots and APIs to capture historical and on request on-line company filing data from around the world. 

SherlockIt.pt | Portuguese Data Check

SherlockIt.pt is a portal that includes legal data (daily case filing, bankruptcies, insolvencies) and corporate filings for Portugal. A product powered by Datafields that demonstrates our data capture and unstructured data indexing capabilities.

Know Your Customer Data Sets

We have collected online litigation data and corporate filings from Mexico for USA risk and KYC process companies, which are used by the large US banking sector.

The same process has been repeated for India where we built and operate over 300 spiders and fed the data on a daily basis to the world-leading risk and legal tech blue-chip companies.

Price Comparison Information

We can deliver live price information changes from your competition so you can react to changes in the market quickly.

Capacity Management

We have gathered for our customers data about ticket pricing changes, booking/capacity, movie times and other sensitive information so they could adjust their offer to the market and get advantage over the competition. 

Capture Customer Reviews And Sentiment Analytics Data

We have already worked with most of the major consumer review sites. We will deliver reviews related to your brand at the frequency that you desire.

Facebook Public Pages And Forums As An Information Source

We deliver public news from public forums.

Web Scraping at Datafields

There Are A Lot Of Companies That Sell Do-It-Yourself Solutions.

Get A Customized Or Adapted Data Capture Process And Data Sets According To Your Requirements - At Scale.

As A One-Stop Shop, We Specialize In Continuous Data Collection, We Manage Everything And Deliver Formatted Data As Per Your Requirement – The Way You Really Need It.

Get The Data You Need. The Way You Want It. When You Need It.

We Are Your Perfect Partner If You Are Looking For:

A customized solution for your web scraping projects according to your needs, in a quick and reliable manner.

Someone who pays attention to details and ensures quality of data, so you have data that works.

Someone who takes care of blocking mechanisms like capture and re-capture, so you don’t need to worry about becoming an expert in a field that is not your focus.

Someone who has the infrastructure to run multi-threaded capture robots (spiders) and can take care of any complex scheduling requests, so you can focus on your core business with confidence.

Someone who can detect any anomalies and data deficiencies at speed and as they scrape, so you get more data.

Someone who can capture the public data, pre-process data and convert information into useful data.

Get Customized Bots Or Spiders That Can Scrape Data At Scale Without Worrying About Building And Operating Them.

We Are Experts In Continuous Data Collection And We Manage Everything For You So You Can Focus On Your Core Business 

We take care of the HW requirements

We take care of any complex scheduling requirements

We have the infrastructure to run multi-threaded capture robots (spiders)

We take care of blocking mechanisms like Captcha and reCaptcha


Most Frequent Questions And Answers

You can choose what kind of information you are looking for, where you need to get it from, the type of output you want, how you want to integrate the data sets into your system, etc. Talk to us to define the parameters of the project to serve your needs.

You can choose the format that best suits your needs: like JSON, CSV or directly writing to the database. We build customized APIs to collect and deliver information, so you can integrate it with your internal systems.

We have the necessary tools and expertise to efficiently extract data from websites, which can save you a significant amount of time and effort compared to doing it yourself. Additionally, we use advanced techniques to extract accurate and high-quality data, and we can handle large volumes of data and we can also scale it as per your requirements. All these also ensure that we are cost-effective, freeing up your time and resources, and allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Overall, using us can be a smart choice for businesses that want to extract high-quality data in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while ensuring legal and ethical compliance.

Yes, we can monitor prices from your competitors on their websites in real time, providing you with timely information to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Not a problem. We can do multilingual captures,  we have in-house language experts with English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Asian and Russian language capabilities.

Brand monitoring with web scraping can provide the information you need to understand how your brand is perceived by your customers. You can use this information to improve your products and services.

We have extensive experience in this kind of project, having done monitoring on sites like TrustPilot, Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, just to name a few.

Our focus is to run the scraping system in our optimized infrastructure, in order to provide the most efficient solution for you. We don’t focus only on building the script alone. We see ourselves as a long time partner to your company, helping you to achieve the best results.

However, there are instances in which we have built, operated and transferred to cater to a specific business need of our customer. 

Why Customers Trust Us And You Should Too


We have over 15 years experience.

Tailor Made Solution

We do customized solutions that work.



We know Data Science and pre-processing requirements, and help our customers define their projects’ parameters.



We provide data that works and we guarantee data quality.

Ongoing QC

Ongoing QC

We build a set of rules that can detect any anomalies and data deficiencies at speed and as we scrape.

Multilingual Knowledge

Multilingual Knowledge

We can do multilingual captures,  we have in-house language experts with English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Asian and Russian language capabilities. 

Different Geo zones

Different Geo Zones

We own a large number of geo-specific residential and data center proxies. We have servers in different geo zones to take advantage of speed, be closer to customers and comply with data protection regulations.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

We have our own team in multiple locations where we have near-shoring and off-shoring capabilities and deliver data to meet your time scale and at different cost structures.

Process & Delivery Options

Process & Delivery Options

We can pre-process, de-dupe, actionably ready data delivered to your database, API or S3 bucket. On any format that you can consume like JSON, CSV or directly writing to the database.

Are You Looking For A Customized Solution That Works? Talk to us.

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