About Us

We Are A Technology Company, Specialized In Data.

We Have Over 15 Years Of Experience In Collecting And Compiling Online Data And Building Digital Libraries From Unstructured Data.

Who Are We

We are a Technology company, focusing on providing the best solutions to our customers. We specialize in data solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best professionally integrated and value added services, to be a partner in your success story, while achieving our goals in the process.

What We Do

We work with data capture, data management, data manipulation, database construction, we run through machine learning and we build digital libraries with power of SQL and NoSQL databases.

Our History

Datafields started in 2004. In 2006 we started working on building digital libraries from raw, unstructured data from legal public data. We are able to develop legal data libraries according to our customers’ requirements from countries all over the world.

Our Process


Customer Requirement

We listen to our client’s requirement and become familiar with customer’s objectives.


Design of Project

We design a tailor made project in order to provide the best solution to the customer’s requirements. 


Proof of Concept

We often design a pilot project in order to make the proof of concept. This phase is done to almost all of our projects as this allows for 2 things: we can test and improve our concept and the customer gets to know our work.



We analyse the results from the pilot project and improve any aspect of the project, if needed. This is often an opportunity for the client to gain insight of other requirements and include them in the final project run.


Deploy Project

We deploy the final project, with any redesigned elements from the previous phase. 


Deliver Results

We deliver the results to our customers. Since we work closely with our customers, we normally develop several different projects with the same customers over the years.

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